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“Kutipravesika” is a Sanskrit term used to describe a regenerative therapy based on Ayurveda, an ancestral Indian medicine. Traditionally, patients are invited to build themselves a small house in the heart of nature, often in the woods, where they spend six consecutive months alone, receiving only one visit a day from the Vaidya, an Ayurvedic doctor, and his carers, to administer plant medicine and treatments such as ritual massage.

Kutipravesika is embodied here by an association that works with passionate contributors and volunteers to spread the ancestral knowledge of Self-knowledge from Indian and Himalayan culture.

It is an impulse from the heart of Charline – Sita Vedjeet, the President of the association, the fruit of an experience that she has lived in body and spirit for six years now, and which she now wishes to share fully.

The idea was inspired by the place where she lives, a house in the heart of the Coupeau forest at Les Houches, in the wonderful Chamonix Mont Blanc Valley, with a lush garden, a spring flowing from the glaciers, wild animals and a breathtaking view of the entire Mont Blanc massif: this Nature teaches us at every moment by its abundance and stability.

The founding intention is to preserve the nature of the Kutipravesika therapy and therefore to offer a “little house of regeneration”, a refuge, a cocoon, a chrysalis… to understand that it is within you, a bit like the logo representing the snail carrying its house on its back.

Regenerate here and come to learn for yourself how it works so that you can honour yourself on a daily basis and regain sovereignty over your body and your emotions by welcoming your true Self: knowing and deciding consciously what is favourable so that you can undo less favourable habits.

Who is Kutipravesika?

The pages of this site are to be discovered like those of a book containing the presentation of activities which are thought out with authenticity and concocted for you in order to discover, deepen or cultivate a beautiful link with yourself through ancestral tools.

A la carte programmes, follow-up programmes, and seasonal events, you’re bound to find the right option to come and share some beautiful moments with us.



Ayurveda is offered in the form of teaching workshops, check-ups, massages and ayurvedic cooking workshops.


Yoga, a therapeutic tool in Ayurveda, is taught with this in mind within the association, to sharpen awareness of oneself, one’s body and mind, and to learn how to integrate favourable habits into everyday life.

Ancestral Instruments

Ancestral instruments accompany Ayurvedic treatments such as yoga or guided meditation sessions (‘sound baths’).

How the association works

Membership is for one calendar year: minimum €20; it is not compulsory to take part in activities. You can use the payment module at the bottom of the page to become a member and/or make a donation.

Membership entitles you to a 10% discount on the membership fee for the activities mentioned above, as well as the loan of books and DVDs free of charge.

Membership fees and contributions for each activity offered are based on the intention to ensure the ongoing development of the association (remuneration of instructors, training, purchase of instruments and equipment, partnerships with various venues, etc.).

To apply as a volunteer, practitioner or teacher, to get detailed information about the programmes and to register, please use the modules on the site or contact us directly or contact us directly by e-mail: info@kutipravesika.fr

A wonderful discovery of the regenerating world of Kutipravesika!